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So you’re looking for some Golden Retriever training tips? Well, I hope you find the training tips below worth your while. I would however like to suggest you read the article on the most popular dog training methods first,  because it explains the different dog training methods and it will give you a clear understanding of what training your golden retriever will entail and how you should approach the process of training him/her. After that you can come back to this page to learn how to train your Golden Retriever. 🙂

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Learn Training Skills

Just like people, dogs need to be well-behaved and well-mannered and it won’t happen unless they are trained to do so. To make life for you, your family and your golden retriever a pleasure and a fun loving experience while living together, we suggest you “put in the effort” to learn how to train your golden retriever correctly.

Goldens need training, they want training and they love training if done correctly, because Goldens love to interact with people or anyone else for that matter. They are “people’s dogs” and they cannot get enough of people especially of you as their owner and provider when you give them the “lots of love and attention they desire”.

Training also creates a very special bond between you and your golden that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Educate yourself first, get the knowledge before you attempt the training part. Do an online dog training course. Be serious about the training but make the training fun for you and your dog. After-all it’s only a few minutes per day. 🙂

Understanding Your Dog

REMEMBER training your golden is a skill, it’s an art and it’s really worth learning how to do it correctly. By not learning how to do it correctly you won’t get the results you want or nearly as quick as you want and it will cause you and your poor dog a lot of frustration.

You will think the problem lies with the dog, that the dog is stupid, it doesn’t listen or understand and many people lose some patience with the dog, get aggressive towards it, while the fault lies clearly with them. You don’t want to get impatient or punish your dog for your incompetence or stupidity, do you? 🙂

The one thing many people don’t know and that goes for many dog trainers too, to become a successful dog trainer, is more about you understanding your dog than your dog understand you. To become a great teacher you’ll have to learn and understand how your dog thinks.

The time it will take for your golden to master every command you’re trying to teach it, will mostly depend on your skills and how effectively you can communicate with your dog.

Golden Retriever Training Tips for the Beginner

Before you can start training your golden retriever you need to get yourself organized with the following basic things:

1. PATIENCE – YES, the most basic and important skill you must have before you can start training yourGolden Retriever Training dog is patience. If you don’t have patience I suggest you get it really quickly, even if you have to dig really deep inside yourself, but just get it and more importantly keep it 🙂

Dogs don’t understand verbal language and they never will. They can however be taught commands, and many commands for that matter, it just depends on your dog communication skills and how much patience you have.

2.SPECIAL TREATS – YES, you need to get your Golden some special treats to reward him/her. Please DO NOT use the food you give your Golden every day, and if possible not a treat you give your Golden regularly just for the fun of it. When it comes to training time the treat must really be special and unique. This will keep your Golden focused and give you the best and quickest results.

3.ALWAYS REWARD GOOD BEHAVIOR – The reward don’t always have to be a treat itself, it can just be a loving pat on the head or scratch on his/her chest, showing your dog s/he did well. Many dogs DO NOT like a pat on the head, so be sure to praise your Golden in a manner s/he likes.

Golden Retrievers by nature are very intelligent and very easy learners so the need for punishment or scowling is null and void. If you abide by these few things you will be far ahead of most people trying to train their dogs, and most importantly, you’ll have a dog that’s always happy around you and not fearing you.

Here are a few quick easy tips to help you teach your Golden Retriever the most basic commands:

1. Start with “sit”. Let your Golden stand in front of you and let s/he focus on the treat in your hand. Hold the treat firmly in your hand and slowly move your hand upwards over his/her nose towards the top of his/her head. Your Goldens eyes will follow your hand and as his/her head tilts backwards a sit will occur. As soon as your Golden sits, praise/cuddle him/her and reward with the treat you are holding. You can also move your hand towards your Goldens shoulders and as s/he follows your hand a sit will occur. Remember to praise/cuddle him/her and reward with the treat.

Golden Retriever Training - Sit

Now repeat the process but this time say the command “sit”. As soon as s/he sits, say the command “sit” loud and clear again. Your Golden will now start to associate the command “sit” with the praise/cuddle and a treat. Do this a few times a day for a few days until your Golden sits automatically after hearing the command “sit”.

2. From “sit” move onto “lie”. Once your Golden sits it is very easy to teach him/her to lie. Let your Golden sit in front of you, hold the treat firmly in your hand and move your hand towards the floor. Your Golden will follow your hand. As soon as your hand reaches the floor move it towards you. Your Golden will follow by going down. As soon as your Golden is lying, praise/cuddle him/her and reward with a treat.

Golden Retriever Training - Lie

Now repeat the process but this time say the command “lie”. As soon as s/he lies, say the command “lie” loud and clear. Your Golden will now start to associate the command “lie” with your praise/cuddle and a treat. Do this a few times a day for a few days then remove the command “sit” and use the command “lie” directly from the standing position.As soon as your Golden lies automatically after hearing the command “lie” you know s/he learned the command. Avoid saying “down” with the command “lie” at any time, because s/he will need to learn the command “down” as a separate command meaning something else.

3. Now teach your Golden the “stay” command. The “stay” command usually needs a lot of practice. Let your Golden sit or lie and firmly tell him/her to “stay”. Take 2 or 3 steps away but keep on facing your Golden. Wait 3 – 5 seconds, then return and praise/cuddle him/her and reward with a treat.

Golden Retriever Training - Stay

Don’t expect your Golden to remain still at first. You might need to tie him/her to something in the beginning to make it work.Keep on practicing “stay”. Eventually untie your Golden. Increase the waiting time after your have stepped away 2 – 3 steps with another few seconds once you see your Golden is starting to grasp what “stay” means. Eventually you can turn your back on your Golden and walk away after issuing the command “stay” and s/he would obey.

4. Now teach your Golden the “come” command. Give the “stay” command and walk a few steps away. Face your Golden, hold the treat in front of you and say the command “come (your Goldens name)” firm and clear while patting your knee. Your Golden will run to you for the treat. As soon as your Golden gets to you, praise/cuddle him/her and reward with a treat.

Golden Retriever Training - Come

Now repeat the process until you can clearly see your Golden understand what “come (name)” means.Remember teaching your Golden to come must always mean some-kind of praise or even a treat to him/her. NEVER say “come (name)” and then hit your Golden or scowl at him/her. This will have the opposite affect of what “come” should really mean and make your Golden scared of you.

5. Now teach your Golden the “heel” command. “Heel” means “walk smartly on my left side, do not pull ahead and do not lagg behind”. Walking with “heel” is more formal than walking your Golden on a loose leash. You can teach any dog the “heel” command with or without a leash.I prefer it with a leash because it just gives me a little more control. I also don’t have to worry that my Golden will take of and chase another dog while we are in training. I also prefer to train my Golden where there aren’t any distractions or at least not many.

Have your Golden on a leash stand on your left-side. Hold some of your Goldens favorite treats in your hand and make sure s/he is aware of it. A good tip for small Goldens where you have to bend down a lot, is to coat a wooden spoon with something yummy like peanut butter which you can hold in front of your Goldens nose.Tell your Golden firmly to “heel” and start walking only a few steps and then praise/cuddle him/her and reward with a treat(a lick or two of the wooden spoon with peanut butter counts as one treat). Keep your Goldens attention on you all the time and keep repeating the command.

Golden Retriever Training - Heel

Stop and praise/cuddle him/her and reward with a treat every few yards. Do this a few times for the first few tries while continuously giving treats.Once your Golden gets better, slowly increase the length of the leash, also increase the amount of steps and at the same time cut down on the amount of treats. Eventually you can remove the leash completely and start introducing commands such as “Stop”(while remain standing), “sit” and “lie”.

6. Now teach your Golden the “bed” command. This is a good command to teach your Golden. It especially helps a lot if you have visitors or guests whom are not so fond of dogs and you can tell your Golden to go to bed until your visitors leave again.Firmly give the command “bed” and then walk with your Goldens to his/her bed. Once your Golden climb onto her bed praise/cuddle him/her and reward with a treat.

Golden Retriever Training - Bed

If your Golden doesn’t want to get onto the bed then place him/her on the bed and at the same time issue the command “bed” firmly. After this praise/cuddle him/her and reward with a treat.If your Golden jumps out of the bed, repeat the process and then use the “stay” command. Once s/he stays praise/cuddle him/her and reward with a treat. Once your Golden learned the “bed” command s/he will go to bed and stay there until you call him/her again.

I hoped you enjoyed and found these golden retriever training tips helpful 🙂 If you enjoyed this article or page, please share it with your family and friends 🙂

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