Golden Retriever Names

Golden Retriever Names

The most important thing to remember when choosing the best name for your Golden Retriever is that you need to like it. It doesn’t matter what anyone else say or think, if your Golden Retriever responds well to it and it will not “embarrass” you or people around you when you use the name in public, everything should be fine, after all your dog doesn’t know the difference.

Here are a few DO’s And DON’Ts to guide you in choosing the best name for your Golden Retriever.


1. Choose a name you like because you will be the one using it, and you need to like the sound of it.Golden Retriever Names

2. Pick a short name, preferably one with one or two syllables. Dogs don’t learn long names easily and it will prevent you the frustration from saying it 2 million times before the dog remembers it. Dog commands are usually one syllable (“sit” , “stay” etc.) and by using a two syllable name like “maggie” or “bailey” etc., it makes it a lot easier for dogs to differentiate between their name and a command once you start training them.

3. Pick a name that is unique. It s nice to name your dog the same as the president’s dog’s name, but so do many other people. Once you are at the vet or some other place where a lot of other dogs are it will be confusing if 10 dog owner all start calling their dogs “Maxi”.

4. Your dog’s name should only be associated with positive things. If you give your dog a name that is associated with something bad or some bad experience, you will carry that negativity over into your relationship with your dog. Don’t make your dog suffer for bad things that happened in your past.

5. It’s always a good idea to try the new name for a few days to see if it grows on you and how your dog responds to it.


1. Choose a long complicated name like “Frau Grundlich von Emmerstein” unless you are planning to call your dog “Frau” or “Grund” instead.

2. Choose a name that sounds like a command you might teach your dog in future. A name like “Shay” could be confusing if you teach your dog the command “stay”, or “Fletch” if you teach your dog the command “fetch” etc.

3. Give your dog an offensive or embarrassing name. This includes general insults, racial slurs, swear words etc. Do you really want the vet to call your dog “Fatpig”, “Fartface” or “Dumbass” in front of everyone else.

4. Don’t change an adult dog’s name unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you really must change it, change it to something similar eg. “Marley” to “Charlie” or “Kylie” to “Miley” etc.


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– A –

A.C. Abbey Abbie Abby Ace Acer
Aces Acoya Addie Aero Airabell Aj
Aja Akaysha Al Albert Alex Alf
Alfie Ali Alley Allie Allotta Ally
Alvie Alyssa Amaya Amber Amos Amy
Andre Andy Angel Angie Angus Anna
Annabel Annabelle Annalee Annie Antsy Apollo
April Archie Argo Argos Arthur Asher
Ashes Ashley Aspen Astro Atticus Augie
Aurie Austin Autumn Ava Axel Axle
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– B –

B.B. BBD Ba-Bear Babe Baby Badger
Bailee Bailey Baily Baker Baloo Bandit
Banjo Banner Banshee Bantaro Barclay Bare Booty
Baretta Barkley Barley Barney Baron Bart
Basco Basil Baxter Baylee Baylor Bb
Bea Beacon Beamer Beanie Bear Beau
Beaux Beaver Beka Bell Bella Belle
Bello Ben Benelli Benjamin Benji Benny
Benson Bentley Beretta Berr Bess Big Jake
Bill Billy Biscuit Bismarck Bizkit Bj
Black Bastard Blade Blake Blanco Blast Blaster
Blaze Blessing Blondie Blossom Blue Blue Duck
Bo Boatswain Boaz Bob Bodie Bogie
Bomber Bonnie Boo Boomer Boris Bosco
Bosley Boudreaux Bounce Bowie Boyd Bracken
Brad Bradley Brady Bran Brandi Brandon
Brandy Braun Bravo Breaker Bree Breeze
Breezy Bren Brew Brewster Brewton Briar
Bridget Brie Brinkley Bristol Brock Brodie
Brody Brogan Bronte Brook Brookie Brooklyn
Brownie Browning Bruce Bruin Bruno Brutus
Buba Bubba Bubbagump Buck Buckshot Bud
Budda Buddy Buffas Buffett Buffy Bug
Bull Bullet Bumper Bundy Bunker Buster
Butch Butter Buttercup Butters Buzz
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– C –

Cabo Cadi Caesar Cajun Caleb Cali
Calli Callie Calvin Calypso Cambria Cambridge
Camo Camp Camus Candy Caper Captain
Cara Carly Carmel Carmella Carrie Carson
Casey Cash Casper Cass Cassidy Cassie
Catch Cayenne Cedar Chai Chamois Champ
Chance Chandler Chaos Charcoal Lady Charge Charley
Charlie Charlotte Charly Chase Chaucer Chaz
Check Cheddar Cheerio Chelsea Chelsey Cher
Chessie Chester Chevy Chewie Chewy Cheyanne
Cheyenne Chibee Moon Chico Chief Chigger Chili
Chinook Chip Chipper Chiquita Chloe Chompie
Chowder Chris Chuck Chutney Chyna Cider
Cinder Cindy Cinnamon Cj Clancy Cleo
Cloe Clover Clutch Clyde Coach Coal
Coalby Coby Coco Cocoa Cody Cognac
Coke Cokes Colby Cole Comet Connor
Cookie Cooper Coot Cooter Copper Cord
Corky Corlee Corrie Cosmo Cotton Country
Cowboy Cricket Crickett Crockett Croix Crosby
Cruiser Crunch Cry Cuddles Cujo Curly Cue
Curly Fry Custer Cutter Cy Cyrus Czar
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– D –

DJ Daisey Daisy Dakoda Dakota Dallas
Dammit Dancer Dante Darby Darcy Dash
Data Dave David Dawson Dax Dazy
Dean Decker Decoy Dee Dee Dee Dee-Bo
Dee-O-Gee Deke Delilah Delle Delta Denali
Derby Deryni Destiny Desy Deuce Dexter
Diamond Diana Diesel Digby Dillon Dilly
Dilyn Dino Disney Dixie Dixon Dj
Django Doc Docker Dodger Dog Dolce
Dollar Dolly Donna Dooley Dozer Draco
Drake Dreamer Drew Drowsey Dublin Dubya
Duchess Dudley Duffy Duke Duncan Duran
Dusty Dutch Dutchess Dylan
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– E –

Easy Ebby Eboney Echo Eddie Edison
Einstein Eli Eli Ella Ellie Ellie Mae
Elmer Elodie Elsa Elvis Elwood Ember
Emily Emma Emme Emmitt Erin Ernie
Eve Ezee
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– F –

Faith Fancy Farley Feather Fenway Fer
Fergus Fila Fin Finn Finnegan Fiona
Fionn Fire Firebug Flash Fletcher Flicker
Fliitta Flint Flo Floyd Fluke Flurry
Flyer Foot Forrest Foster Fowlkin Fox
Fred Freddie Fresia Freya Frida Friday
Frixos Frodo Frost Frosty
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– G –

G’day Gabby Gabe Gage Gambler Gammo
Garmin Garth Gator Gaudi Gauge Gemma
Geordie George Georgia Ghillie Gibson Gideon
Gilbert Ginger Ginny Lou Gis Gizmo Glory
Golden Goldie Gonq Goose Gopher Gorby
Gordie Gordon Gordy Grace Gracie Grady
Graham Greta Griffin Griffyn Grizz Gryffyn
Guinness Gunner Gunny Gunther Gus Gussie
Guy Gypsy
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– H –

Hailey Haley Halsey Hamish Hammer Hana
Hank Hannah Happy Harley Harper Harris
Harry Harvey Hawk Hawkeye Hawser Hayley
Heather Hector Heidi Helen Hemi Henna
Henry Hercules Hermione Hero Hersh Hershey
Hess Hey Joe Hickory Higgins Hobbes Hobey
Hogan Holly Holmes Homer Honey Honey Bear
Honkey Hooch Hooter Hoover Hope Hoss
Hotshot Houston Howie Hoyt Huckleberry Hud
Hudson Huggy Hunter Husker
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– I –

Ian Ice Ike Indie Indy Isis
Ivory Ivy Izzy
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– J –

J.D. J.J. Jacer Jack Jack Daniels Jacks
Jackson Jacob Jada Jade Jager Jagr
Jake James Jamie Jasmine Jasper Java
Jax Jaxon Jaxx Jay-Jay Jazz Jazztime
Jed Jedi Jeep Jeff Jenna Jenny
Jersey Jess Jesse Jessica Jessie Jessy
Jester Jet Jeter Jett Jetta Jetter
Jevanna Jewel Jill Jim Jinks Jj
Joaquin Joey Joker Jonah Jordan Jose
Josh Joshua Josie Joss Journey Joy
Jude Julie Juneau Juni Junior Juno
Jupiter Justice Justin
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– K –

KC Kacey Kady Kaha Kahlua Kai
Kali Kane Kara Karat Karma Kasey
Kashmir Kasper Kat Katahdin Kate Kate Spade
Katie Katie Blue Katy Kay Kaya Kayla
Kaylee Kc Keagan Keeley Keewee Kelly
Kelsey Kelso Kelty Kenzie Kerner Kestrel
Ki Kia Kiara Kiba Kid Kida
Kiera Kiko Killian Kilo Kim King
Kiowa Kipling Kira Kirby Kirby Roo Kiri
Kiska Kit Kitty Knudsen Kobe Kobi
Koby Koda Kodey Kodi Kodiak Kody
Kola Kolby Kona Kooper Kosmo Koufax
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– L –

Lacey Lad Ladi Lady Lake Laker
Lakota Lana Landry Lane Laney Lark
Larry Layla Lazarus Lenka Lennon Leo
Levi Lewis Lexi Lexie Lexus Lexy
Lia Ann Libby Liberty Lil’ Bear Lilli Lilly
Lily Limit Lincoln Lindy Lisha Little Rascal
Livvy Liz Lizzie Lizzie Lou Lizzy Loco
Logan Loki Lola Loomis Lotta Lou
Loughran Louie Louis Luca Lucas Luckenbach
Lucky Lucy Luke Lulu Luna Lyra
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– M –

Mabel Mac Macarthur Macho Macie Macintosh
Mack Mackenzie Macy Maddie Maddy Madie
Madison Mads Maggie Maggie Mae Maggie May Magic
Magnum Magnus Maichen Maiken Maisy Maize
Maizie Major Mali Mandy Mango Manu Nui
Maple Mario Marlee Marley Maroon Marshall
Martha Marty Marvin Mason Mattie Maui
Maverick Max Maxie Maximus Maxwell Maxx
Maya Maybe Mazy McIntosh McKenzie Mcgee
Mea Meat Pocket Meg Megan Meggie Mel
Mellow Yellow Melody Meme Memphis Meow Mercedes
Mercy Merlin Mesa Mia Mia-Tia Mickey
Midas Midge Mika Mike Mikey Miles
Miley Miller Millie Milo Mimi Mindy
Misha Miss Kitty Miss Lily Missy Misty Mitzy
Moby Mocha Mojo Molli Mollie Molly
Molly Girl Molson Monk Montana Montgomery Monty
Moose Mopar Morgan Moses Moxie Mud
Mudd Muffin Mulligan Murphie Murphy Murphy Sweets
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– N –

Nacho Nala Nannie Ma Napoleon Nash Neeko
Neesha Nellie Nelly Nelson Neo Ness
Nestle Nian Nick Nicky Niki Nikki
Niko Nina Noah Norman Nugget Nuggett
Nuke Nutmeg
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– O –

O’Malley Oakley Odin Olan Olie Oliver
Ollie Onyx Opie Oprah Oria Orion
Oscar Oso Otis Otter Otto Oysten
Oz Ozzie Ozzy
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– P –

Packer Paddy Paige Paisley Pandi Panther
Paris Parker Pasha Pat Patton Payton
Peaches Peanut Peanut Butter Pearl Peja Penny
Pepper Perro Pete Pheona Phish Phoebe
Phoenix Phred Pi Pigpen Pilot Pinot
Pip Piper Pixie Pluto Pogo Pol
Polar Polly Polo Pongo Poppy Porter
Posey Potter Powder Prancer Precious Pressie
Prima Prince Princess Puck Pumpkin Punky
Pupper Purdey
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– Q –

Quick Quigley Quila Quinn
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– R –

Rachel Radar Raffi Raggis Raider Rain
Rainy Rajah Raleigh Ralphie Ramsey Random
Ranger Rascal Raven Rayne Reagan Reba
Rebecca Rebel Red Redding Reddy Reed
Reesa Reese Reggie Regi Rem Remi
Remie Remington Remy Renne Reno Reuben
Rex Rhett Rice Rick Ricky Ricochet
Riggs Riley Rio Riot Rip Ripken
Ripley Ripp Riser Risky River Robbie
Rocco Rock Rocket Rocksie Rocky Rodriguez
Roger Romeo Rommel Rook Rookie Rooster
Rory Rosco Roscoe Rose Rosebud Rosey
Rosie Ross Rowdi Rowdy Roxie Roxy
Ruben Ruby Ruckus Rudi Rudy Ruffian
Rufus Rugby Ruger Rugger Rukus Rummy
Runner Rush Rusty Ruthie Rylee Ryley
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– S –

Saber Sable Sadie Sadiesue Saffron Sage
Sailor Sallie Sally Sam Samantha Samba
Sami Samie Sammie Sammy Sampson Samson
Sandie Sandy Santee Sara Sarah Sarge
Sasha Sassy Satan Satch’mo Savannah Savvy
Sawyer Scamper Scarlet Scarlett Schnapps Schuyler
Scooby Scoop Scooter Scout Seamus Sebastian
Sedona Seger Sendera Senna Sepi Sequoia
Seven Severn Shade Shadow Shady Shaggy
Shah Shaker Shamus Shannara Shannon Shaq
Sharon Shasta Shayde Shea Sheba Sheena
Shelby Shelby Racer Sherlock Sherman Sherminator Sheva
Shica Shilo Shiloh Shimmer Shimti Shine
Shiner Boch Shot Shotgun Shuga Shyla Sidney
Sienna Sierra Signe Simba Simi Simon
Sisco Sissy Skeeter Skipper Skittles Sky
Skye Skyler Slip Smiley Smokey Smooch
Snickers Snowy Socs Sofie Soleil Sonny
Sonoma Sooner Soot Sophia Sophie Soupy
Sparkle Sparky Speed Speedy Spencer Spenser
Spike Spirit Splash Spook Sport Sprig
Sprite Spud Squirt Star Starla Steele
Stella Stevie Stevie Ray Stoney Storm Stormy
Strawberry Striker Styx Sue Sugar Sulley
Sully Sultan Summer Sundae Sundance Sunni
Sunny Sunset Sunshine Sushi Sutter Suzie
Swamp Swanee Sweep Swish Syd Sydney
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– T –

TJ Taffy Tag Tahoe Tallie Tallulah
Tally Tana Tango Tank Tanne Tanner
Tanya Tappee Tar Tara Target Tarr
Tash Tasha Tasia Tawny Taylor Taz
Tazz Teak Teal Teddi Teddy Teka
Temper Terra Tess Tessa Tessie Tex
Texas Theo Thor Thunder Tia Tick
Tide Tiger Tigger Tilly Timber Timmy
Tina Tintin Tiny Tip Tis Titan
Tj Tobey Toby Tom Tomboy Tonka
Tonto Tootsie Tootz’r Topper Tor Tori
Torrey Tosca Tosha Toxxy Tracer Tracy
Trance Trase Travis Trevor Trey Trigger
Trip Tripp Trixie Trooper Trouble Trouper
Troy Trucker Trudy Truk Truman Tryta
Tsunami Tucker Tucson Tuff Tugg Tule
Tulie Tulle Turbo Turner Tux Twister
Ty Tyke Tyler Tyrone Tyson
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– U –

Ubi Udo Ugor Uli Untu
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– V –

Valen Vanilla Kream Vanna Vegas Vela Vice
Visa Vista Vivaldi Vixen
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– W –

Wallace Wally Walter Watson Wendy Wheels
Whinny Whisky Whit Wiat Wiley Will
Willa Willie Willow Willy Wilson Windsor
Windy Winnie Winston Winter Woodruff Woody
Wrigley Wyatt Wyatt Wylie
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– X –

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– Y –

Yankee Yanni Yogi Yuri
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– Z –

Zac Zach Zachary Zack Zak Zara
Zeb Zeek Zeke Zelda Zephyr Zera
Zeus Zimmer Zinger Zip Zoe Zoey
Zohra Zoie Zuko
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