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Buddy Our Golden Retriever


This website is dedicated to our Golden Retriever “Buddy” who was the love of our life.

Since childhood I had various dogs and I loved all of them. Well that is what I thought. I had many small dogs and a few big dogs of various breeds, from Alsatians, Chows, Maltese poodles etc. When I got married dogs became a huge problem in our house because my wife wasn’t a dog lover. She was bitten by a dog when she was very small and hated dogs so much that she didn’t want them to sniff her and if they touched her, she would get the hibby jibby’s 🙂

I couldn’t be without dogs for long so I made sure there was always a dog in our house and I wanted to expose my children to them. Dogs are fun and take the stress out of life. They make you forget your problems and bring joy into your life.

We have two kids, a son and daughter, and they also love animals. I fell in love with Golden Retrievers since the first time I saw one on TV. It was during an advertisement for old age people, and I immediately told my wife that, that is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. Since then I couldn’t wait to get one.

At that stage we had two big Alsatians which made our lives hell. They were very naughty. One day when friends came to visit us they chewed his cars spotlight wires into thousands of little pieces and I decided to give both dogs back to the owner whom I bought them from.

I immediately started looking for a Golden Retriever. After quite a lengthy search I found a women who had 2 two month old female Golden Retrievers and 1 male. When I saw the male I immediately fell in love with him. He was nearly twice the size of his 2 sisters and I just knew, we had to have him.

The only problem was that someone else already phoned and said they wanted him. I told the lady to immediately notify me if the other couple changed their minds, because we wouldn’t think twice about taking him. When we left I prayed and basically begged God to please let us get him. I don’t think I ever wanted anything so badly in my life. I just knew, if we got him by some miracle it would be a present from Jesus himself who heard my prayers.

The next morning the lady phoned and said the couple changed their minds and we could come and fetch him. That was the best day in our lives. If we just knew how this puppy was going to change our lives. The whole family just fell in love with Buddy. He was the dream dog. Very clever, very playful and so loving, you couldn’t help but to love him to death.

My son Brendon and Buddy a few years ago

My son Brendon and Buddy a few years ago

Even my wife changed completely. She couldn’t believe how quickly Buddy learned everything. We didn’t struggle at all to potty train him. He stayed in our house and could move everywhere except the main bedroom. The first time he wanted to follow me into the bedroom, my wife had this real bad look on her face and showed him her finger, and he immediately stopped at the door and never entered the room. That is what it took with most of the things we taught him. You show him something once, and he just knew right from wrong.

As Buddy grew older he just changed everyone’s attitude about dogs. Everyone who met Buddy fell in love with him. Just the fact that he completely changed my wife was a miracle in itself. She really grew to love him and just couldn’t help herself to spoil him with nice tit bits.

He wasn’t a dog to us anymore but another child. We always said he understands everything, he only needed to talk and he would be a human.

We went through some really tough times while we had Buddy, especially financially wise. I invested all our money with a pastor and he defrauded us and a bunch of other people, which caused us to become bankrupt overnight. We had to move to a very small place from a huge luxury house in an estate. I couldn’t get a job due to affirmative action and had to start a new business with zero capital. To make a long story short, after many failures I decided to start my own internet business because I had quite extensive computer experience. I started building websites and do some internet marketing to keep food on the table.

Things are really tough because work are scarce and we had to rent a small house on a plot (small holding) to survive. Buddy went through all this with us and if it wasn’t for him, life would probably have been unbearable. My wife also started working again after many years of being a housewife.

One Saturday after my wife finished work and she entered the house, I immediately asked her where Buddy was. She said he was laying outside. I thought it was strange because he always followed her into the house, but I just left it there. About 30 minutes later I told her I was going to let Buddy come in. I went to the door and called his name for him to come in but there was no response. I opened the door wider and saw him laying on the grass about 5 meters from the door.

I called his name again but he didn’t respond so I ran outside and when I got to him he was dead. He was only 9 years old. We don’t know what happened and we didn’t have the funds to take him to a vet to find out what the cause of death was.

We know there are a lot of snakes and spiders etc. on this small holding and are not sure if something bit him. We couldn’t see any marks on him either. My wife and myself cried our eyes out and carried him into the house, because we didn’t want him to lay outside until the next morning when we could bury him. That night I couldn’t sleep realizing Buddy was laying not 3 meters away from me, and we would never have the pleasure of hugging him and laughing while he do his little tricks to get our attention. 🙁

The next morning we stood up and buried him on the small holding.

Our lives are really empty without Buddy. I can’t believe how emotional I am getting writing this. This is how these dogs are. They are not like other dogs, they are like children and you love them like your own children. I never ever thought I could have so much love for an animal.

It would’ve been nice to replace Buddy immediately but we don’t have the extra cash to buy another pure bread Golden Retriever like Buddy at this stage. I am also scared, while we live on this small holding that something might happen to the new puppy because we are not 100% sure what exactly caused Buddy’s death. Just to many reptiles around and other uncertainties.

I decided to create this website to tell people about this beautiful dog breed that changed our lives and whom we love so much. I think it will also do me a lot of good to work on this website. Maybe through our love for Buddy and the pleasure of doing research and learning more about these dogs, I can help you understand more about them, which in my opinion are the most beautiful, adorable, intelligent and fun loving dogs in the world. I hope you enjoy this website and I truly hope, through my efforts, I can convince you to get a Golden Retriever, so you and your family could experience the utmost love and pleasure these dogs bring into your life. 🙂

Buddy showing off, doing tricks with his tail

Buddy showing off, doing tricks with his tail

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